Rerarehei is a collaborative song composed and produced by Mangka (Manipur, India) and Eadyth (Wales, UK) during the Covid-19 pandemic.  This project is part of Ziro Focus – a collaboration between Ziro Festival (India) and Focus Wales (UK) made possible by the British Council. This NFT commemorates this first-of-its-kind music project and is available on the Polygon chain through our technology partner – DigiphyNFT. Holders of the Rerarehei NFT will get future perks like early access to festival passes and much more.

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ReRaReHei: The Story Behind Web3’s Most Unlikely Musical Duo


In 2021, two extremely diverse musicians, Mangka and Eadyth, from far away parts of the world came together to compose a song. Mangka is an established folk singer and an international  performer from the northeast Indian state of Manipur who comes from a lineage of folk artists. Groomed and taught by her parents, she has broken tradition by being one of the few female pioneers of the Pena, a folk instrument. Eadyth is an exciting emerging solo producer/singer-songwriter from Wales, UK who has recorded at the acclaimed Rockfield Studios and performed at several festivals.

Coming from different backgrounds, cultures and sounds, Mangka and Eadyth were the most unlikely duo to work together on a piece of music. And yet they managed to collaborate without ever meeting each other in real life (IRL). Their first collaborative piece was co-written and produced over several Zoom meetings. The artists created two versions of the same song incorporating their signature sounds and styles. One version is folksy with heavy influences of Moirang Sai, a traditional form of storytelling in Manipur, while the other one drips with electronic and synthesiser sounds. Both versions are supreme works of musical pieces and to tie it all together into one balanced version, Miti Adhikari was brought in.


For the uninitiated, Miti is a former BBC sound wizard with decades of experience working with the best in the music industry. In his own words when he first heard the songs, he “jumped at the opportunity to make a mix”. Sitting in a Goan beach house, Miti brought the sonic landscapes from faraway Wales and Manipur to his canvas and tied it all up into one song. The result is RaRaReHei, a song about longing and beauty, within and around us. The title is a reference to the notes of the Pena instrument.

Ziro Focus (2020–2023) is an ongoing India-Wales collaborative project run by Ziro Festival of Music and Focus Wales showcase festival. It is supported by the British Council and Art Council of Wales’ Connections through Culture programme – which as the name suggests aims to bring together arts organisations and artists from both countries to work together. Ziro Festival is India’s most popular community-driven and eco-friendly outdoor music festival held in the Ziro valley, India that celebrates independent music and attracts thousands of music lovers from across the world every year. Focus Wales is an international showcase festival held in Wrexham, UK that showcases the best international acts across multiple venues and hosts conferences featuring well-known names in the music industry.

IRL Utility of the NFTs:

-Priority Access to Early Bird Passes for Ziro Festival 2023
-10 GBP discount on Focus Wales 2023 passes
-First access to artist future releases
-More future perks to be released in due course

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