How To

ZIRO FOCUS 2020 Virtual Music Festival is easy and super fun to experience. All you need is a computer with a webcam, microphone and headphones.

Please read this walkthrough full of tips so you are better prepared for all the fun that awaits you!


HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS All you need is a computer with a working webcam and microphone. Phones and tablets may not give you the best experience. You also need a good internet connection.


WEAR HEADPHONES This is crucial to a good listening experience, both for you and the others at the festival. Sound leakage can create feedback noise and will make the experience less fun. No one wants that.


STEP 1Log in here at the festival opening time. Create a username of your choice. Use password: zirofocus
NOTE: The virtual world might take up to a minute to load so be patient and don’t panic! In case it doesn’t load, try refreshing. That should work.
STEP 2 – Once you enter the world and you see your avatar with your username on it, start exploring the world using your mouse and clicking it in the general direction that you want to walk towards. When you walk towards someone, you will see their webcam feed and they will see yours. You can see a maximum of 12 people at one time.
STEP 3 – Meet people, Make friends, Listen to music, Play the treasure hunt and HAVE FUN!


  • If you see a bonfire it means it’s a listening area. You can sit around the fire with other attendees, and listen to the music that’s playing and also chat with the people you meet there. Remember to wear headphones.
  • You can make your avatar sit by moving the cursor over it and clicking when a chair icon appears.
  • In case you don’t want to listen to someone, or you hear noises from someone’s cam, you can always mute them.
  • Some of the artwork you’ll see in the world will be clickable and lead you to websites, videos and even quizzes. Have fun exploring them all.
  • Dress up funky and change your persona to make things even more fun for you and everyone.
  • Refrain from using expletives, vulgarity, or any form of obscenity. Any person found doing anything objectionable will be banned immediately. No questions asked and no reasons given.