The British Council “Connections through Culture: India-Wales” grant supported the delivery of ZiroFOCUS 2021. During this year, FOCUS Wales (Wales) and Ziro Festival of Music (India) delivered a series of collaborative creative activities led and curated by Andy Jones (FOCUS Wales) and Lubna Shaheen (Ziro Festival of Music).

Throughout Year 2 of this 3 year collaboration between these two organisations, Welsh artist Eadyth and Indian artist Mangka undertook a period of creative collaboration. Through a series of virtual writing sessions and discussions the artists explored each others strengths in different musical approaches, working on new musical ideas together, and resulting in a special new composition, titled ‘Rerarehei’.

Eadyth in her home studio in Wales
Mangka and team in India

The new work was inspired by the landscapes of their homelands in Wales and India, and is a celebration of bilingualism.

Wales 2021
India 2021

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