If you’re an independent artist who released an album or an EP during 2020 then feel free to send it to us at management@zirofestival.com so we can give it a spin at our album-listening posts on the Ziro Focus 2020 Virtual Music Festival.


Does it have to be an album? Can it be a single?
We prefer albums and extended plays in our slow world so yes please only send us those.

What format do I send it in?
Please only send the albums/EPs through YouTube or Twitch and ensure the entire album is uploaded as one single file. The album should be hosted on your own YouTube or Twitch channel and you need to send us the link. Remember it has to be one file, not a playlist.

What genre are you looking for?
Anything goes as long as you are not signed or backed by any major label. However, if there are many submissions, the festival committee will sift through the list to pick their favourites.

Is there anything else I should be sending?
Your album artwork and a brief about it would help but please make it concise. Mail us at management@zirofestival.com

How do I participate in the Ziro Focus 2020 Virtual Festival?
You begin by first registering here.