Join the best independent artists of India & Wales, music lovers from across the world, and go on a journey to find the hidden secrets of our magic forest

You Never Know What You’ll Discover!

Artists, Labels, & Collectives

A one-time-only Narrated Talkthroughs by your favourite Indian and Welsh bands; Curated Playlists by independent record labels & collectives; secret DJs and so much more!

Treasure Hunt

So much gold waiting to be found. Who will discover it all? Who will win this game and take back good fortune, and perhaps a reward?

Magic Forest

Traverse the magical forest and go on a musical journey from the old town of Wrexham in Wales to the ancient village of Ziro in India. There are many secrets to be found along the way.

Meet & Make Friends

Get your friends across the world to meet you here, or make new ones, and join you on this special journey. Keep your eyes open and ears peeled, you never know who you might bump into!